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Neymar: It would be wonderful to play with Riquelme

riquelme gremio libertadores 2007
Neymar is of the opinion that it would be wonderful to play alongside Juan Roman Riquelme at Santos.

The Argentine has revealed that there has been interest in his services from the Brazilian outfit, but is unsure whether the move will materialise in the near future.

"It would be wonderful [to play with him]. Riquelme is a great player, a brilliant playmaker. A type of player that any attacker would like to have on his team," he toldreporters at TV Gazeta.

Riquelme himself admitted that a move is possible, but made clear that there has been nothing concrete as of yet.

"Santos called me, but nothing more than that. You will have to wait and see if any club shows real interest," he said.

"I talked a lot with Juan Pablo Sorin. He also knew a lot of people at Flamengo, and tried to convince me to play here, but the president of Boca declined to sign the papers and I never got the move.

"Brazilian football has grown a lot, all the teams have great players. I see much football in Brazil. In July, it is true that I spoke with Flamengo, Gremio and Cruzeiro."

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