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Barton: I want to leave QPR for Marseille, enough is enough

EPL - Queens Park Rangers v Newcastle United, Joey Barton
QPR midfielder Joey Barton is hoping to leave the Premier League for French side Marseille this week, stating 'enough is enough' and that his heart is 'already in the Velodrome'.

Barton is still serving a suspension following his antics on the final day of the 2011-12 season where he was sent off against Manchester City - with 10 games of 12 still to go before he can play in England.

And while he says there are other clubs interested in taking him, Marseille are the only one that interests him, stating he is hoping to seal a move there this week.

"Marseille won again as well. Allez les Marseillais. Maybe I'll see you all this week?" Barton stated on Twitter.

"I am hopeful that things will be sorted out soon. Other clubs are in but I only want to play in Marseille. This is the place for me.

"Hopefully, QPR and Marseille can finalise the deal in the next few days. My heart is already in the Vlodrome."

Bar ton continued to tweet on the subject, stating that Mark Hughes doesn't see a future for the midfielder at the club and though he respects his manager's point of view, 'enough is enough' for his time at the club.

He added: "Not going to cry about it. Maybe it's just time to move on. I enjoyed parts of last season and I believe I am more than capable of playing this year. But the manager doesn't. Such is life.

"I have no problem with this as its my fault I am banned for 12(10 now) games. When a person [makes] a decision he has to stand by that. I respect Hughes for this. I don't agree but I accept his decision.

"I am not the type of player to sit on the sidelines and take the cash. It's not me. I could do that for the next 3 years but it's not me. I want to play football.

"Hopefully the QPR fans will accept that. I offered to resign from the club/contract when I got my ban. @tonyfernandes [and] @Amit_Bhatia99 will testify that I am telling the truth.

"I accepted my punishment from the FA and the club for my behaviour against Man City like a man.

"I could of appealed as is my right. I choose not to out of respect. But when I returned to the club. I am forced to train away from the 1st team. I am stripped of the captaincy. Then, made to train at 3pm. Then, I am hawked around on loan.

"Then, I have my shirt number taken without any notice. Then, I read I wouldn't of been signed had the current regime been in place.

"I accepted all this. I never once spoke out of turn or angrily to anybody. I am a man. I can only take so much. I want to leave.

"I hope to move on with my career, with my life. If that is in France, then so be it. I don't want to be disrespectful to QPR but enough is enough.

"Good night people, I've said enough for today. I'll get in trouble. No doubt. But this is how it is. This if life."

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